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Mission & Vision

Control Union provides independent inspection services on a global level. We are constantly strengthening our dedicated network, but our chief focus remains on our customers. True, the entrepreneurial spirit and risk awareness are essential in business; but quality, integrity, safety and respect will ensure our longevity.


Control Union companies provide independent services through global presence with a focus on clients. Entrepreneurship and a dedicated network sustain growth, while quality and risk awareness are essential.


Control Union responds to the demand for international developments and to increasing external requirements for sustainable business. We operate through a transparent network of independent dedicated services companies. We aim for controllability, efficiency, external confidence building, risk management and compliance. We focus on the development of combined services to add more value. We acknowledge the importance of human capital by consolidating and improving safety, continuity, quality and competence.

Recognised independence

We respect these industry-specific principles and values, and manage to apply them in ever-changing and complex environments. With these, Control Union has gained international standing as a fully independent inspection, quality management and logistics company. The certificates we issue are recognised by authorities in almost every country in the world.

Safety and quality through collaboration

At Control Union, we work together to ensure that our company vision and policies are translated into real, workable, every day practices. Issues that matter to us at all levels. That is why we aim to be a reliable, innovative and safe working partner; to create added value in specialised, high-quality logistics and inspection services.