Certification procedures

Certification process

    Certification procedures

    Control Union Certifications aims to provide assurance and confidence to all interested parties that a product, process, service or organisation that it certified fulfils the requirements of the relevant inspection or certification standard. It’s for that reason that the certification process is laid down in procedures, which describes the entire process, from application to certificate issuance and who is qualified to conduct such activities.

    Control Union Certifications procedures are based on the principles of objectivity and integrity. These procedures are discussed in our Advisory Council, which is made up of representatives from our main fields of operation, such as forestry, food production and processing, energy, trade, transport and consumers. The council is an independent body, advising the management of Control Union Certifications on development of policies and principles relating to impartiality , confidence in certification, including openness and public perception.

    Control Union Certifications is accredited by several local and international accreditation organisations, such as the Dutch board of accreditation (RVA) and the Accreditation Services International (ASI).


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    Certification programs

    Control Union Certifications offers tailored or pre-made Certification Programs for sustainable sourcing in many industries. Here you will find an overview of all our Certification Programs offered worldwide. You can easily filter on your specific needs, industry or location. Let Control Union be The Proof to your Promise.

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    Custom programs

    International companies and brands often implement their own policy on good practices in the field of food safety, from both social and environmental point of view. Control Union Certifications supports clients through the setup, roll-out and monitoring of the implementation of custom programmes throughout their supply chain.

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    Custom programs

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    It is very important to us to emphasise that everything we do is done in strict confidentiality. Only if so required by either the scheme owner, the accreditation body or by law will we hand over information we acquire during our audits to these organisations. All these organisations are then also bound by confidentiality. No other party will receive any information from us regarding your product, process or company without your explicit written consent.

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    How you handle major and minor non-conformities largely depends on the program, but generally speaking we will want you to tackle major non-conformities reasonably quickly, normally within 6 weeks or so. You may have more time to solve minor non-conformities, but be aware that this does not go for all programs! Critical non-conformities may lead to immediate suspension, so we will require you to respond quickly. In such cases you may want to respond quickly as well, since you will no longer have a certificate, which may in turn interfere with your business activities.

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    Upon issuance of a certificate, you may be authorised to use a designated certification mark or logo. Your right to use any such mark is contingent on maintaining a valid certificate in respect of the certified management system or products and compliance with the scheme governing the use of the mark.

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