Helicopter fuelling systems

Control Union is equipped to conduct thorough inspections of all types of helicopter fuelling systems in accordance with leading specifications such as CAP 437, NOGEPA 100 and JIG 4. Our experienced inspectors ensure compliance with industry standards and provide valuable expertise in helicopter fuelling systems.

Strengths of this service

With years of experience in helicopter fuelling systems, Control Union offers a range of services to meet your specific needs.

  • Our inspectors are qualified to examine all types of fuelling systems, ensuring compliance with relevant specifications

  • Through comprehensive inspections, we verify the integrity, safety and functionality of the fuelling system

  • Control Union can help and guide during the purchase and installation of new systems. Our expertise helps ensure that the fuelling system meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices

  • For existing systems undergoing major refurbishment, we offer valuable advice and guidance to ensure that the refurbishment aligns with industry standards and improves the performance and safety of the system

  • Control Union can assist in upgrading filter installations to newer stage filter sets, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration system

Helicopter fuelling systems

Maintenance tasks and inspection reports

During helicopter fuelling system inspections, Control Union’s qualified inspectors can perform small maintenance tasks, including the replacement of lines and filter changes. This ensures that the system remains in optimal condition and helps prevent potential issues.

Following the inspection, our clients receive a detailed inspection report. The report covers essential aspects of the installation, including filter and hose information, as well as other relevant installation data. Furthermore, the report includes recommendations for improvements based on our findings, helping you enhance the performance and safety of your helicopter fuelling systems.

Put your trust in Control Union for helicopter fuelling system inspections

Control Union is your trusted partner for comprehensive inspections of helicopter refuelling units. With our adherence to leading specifications, extensive experience, and detailed inspection reports, we ensure that your system meets regulatory requirements and operates at its highest level of safety and efficiency.

Contact Control Union today to schedule a helicopter fuelling system inspection or  discuss your specific helicopter fuelling system requirements.

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