Use of marks and logos

Upon issuance of a certificate, you may be authorised to use a designated certification mark or logo. Your right to use any such mark is contingent on maintaining a valid certificate in respect of the certified management system or products and compliance with the scheme governing the use of the mark.

Use of marks and logos
    Use of marks and logos

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    If you have been authorised to use the mark of an accrediting body, you must also comply with the rules governing the mark of that body. However, it is not mandatory to make use of such authorisation.

    The use of indications that refer to the certified production method or to CUC is only allowed after the applicable certificate has been issued. The use of marks and logos will be evaluated during the audit against the program specific requirements.

    You must be very aware that in case of management system certification, no mark, logo or statement of certification may be used on a product or product packaging or in any other way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity.

    How to use marks and logos

    When making reference to and making use of the certificate and marks or logos, the following applies:

    • It is not allowed to make any misleading statement regarding the status of certification

    • It is not allowed to suggest that certification relates to activities, units, products etc. that are not included in the scope of certification

    • Certificates, marks and logos must be represented in their entirety, including frames and logos may only be represented in their intended colours or in black and whit

    • It is not allowed to place logos on testing reports of laboratories or calibration reports or certificates

    • If a Client after withdrawal or resignation of a certificate keeps using logos or other expressions that give rise to the suggestion that certification is still valid, CUC may take legal action

    Unlawful use of its logos and certificates;

    Suspension of certification

    CUC expressly reserves the right to publish any unlawful use of its logos and certificates;
    CUC will take suitable action, at the expense of the Client, to deal with incorrect, unlawful or misleading references to certification or use of certificates and certification marks. These may include legal action and/or publication of the transgression. Incorrect, unlawful or misleading use of such a mark or logo is considered a critical non-conformity with certification requirements and will most likely result in immediate suspension of certification.

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