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Food testing

    Testing for food safety

    Food analysis

    With a food analysis by Control Union laboratories and TLR you will gain insight into the exact nutritional values and the quality of your food, and we can identify the possible presence of pathogens. Our efficient 24-hour system saves you money and you always have real-time insight into the quality of your products intended for the food industry.

    TLR is ISO 17025-accredited (L059), QS-certified and approved by the FOSFA, FEDIOL and GLOBAL GAP. In this way we help your organization to comply with (international) guidelines, such as the VLOG certification.

    Food analysis
    With modern equipment and innovative test methods, we are able to carry out a wide range of analyses for your food. This allows us to map the nutritional values, contaminants, residues and microbiological parameters of the following foods and raw materials for the food industry

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    The way we work

    The process of testing your product

    At Control Union laboratories we like to work as efficient as possible, in order to deliver you the best and quickest service available. Here is how we usually work.

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    Request for information or quote

    First of all, contact us to ask for advice and/or a price. Tell us what you need, when and where you want to use the data for

    Send us a sample

    Send us a sample of your product(s). The required amount of sample material always depends on the parameters to be investigated. So please contact us in advance.

    We will prepare your sample for analysis

    In our lab we will only use a small amount of your sample for testing. It can also be mad fluid if this is required for testing.

    We test and analyze your product objectively

    Our qualified staff will test your product in different ways and with our modern equipment

    You will receive the results

    After testing and analyzing you will quickly recieve your report with labresults. We make sure it’s clear and understandable. Ready for further use.

    Working in the Vietnam CU Laboratory

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    Our network of independently operating service providers are specialised in testing for inspection and certification of feed, ingredients for mixed foods, textiles and fuel. Contact us and we will assist you in the best possible way.