Crop monitoring

Enhance your peace of mind over the quality of your crops through our expert crop monitoring services. We can monitor your crops from initial growth and harvesting through to the first storage point, reducing the risk of any potential losses and ensuring the highest quality at every stage. crop monitoring in agriculture gives you insight and helps you in the management of various pests, weeds or illnesses in crops.

Strengths of this service

Our specialist team of agronomists-experts in a range of agricultural products and commodities- combines field visits with world-leading assessment and agriculture monitoring systems to monitor crop quality.

  • Closely monitoring the crop developments

  • Collecting relevant data, analyzed by our experts and fed into a final report

  • Highlighting and evaluating key factors and attributes that can influence crop productivity

  • Using modern technologies and IoT, such as drones and satellite images

Crop monitoring

Assessments are based on a variety of activities that closely monitor crop development. We collect and analyze data at every stage, enabling us to highlight and evaluate key factors and attributes that can influence crop productivity.

These smart assessments are applied to sugar cane, soybean and cotton plantations, where fields are visited and areas measured. Each plantation or property is analyzed to understand its physical characteristics and topography, verify its historical yields and monitor the various stages of the plantation from seeding to growth and harvesting. From these results, we estimate the harvesting time and crop yield.

 “To keep track of the product and maintain its high quality throughout its life journey”

In addition, we can transport the harvested product from the fields to the storage facility or processing plant for proper traceability. This allows you to keep track of the product and maintain its high quality throughout its life journey. We can also provide pest management services if needed.

With the growing demand for smart agriculture, new technologies and IoT have been introduced, allowing farmers to monitor agricultural conditions from any location. This is applicable not only to large farms, but also to small- and mid-size farms.

Industries we work in

We perform our collateral services in the following industries:




Biomass and biofuels

Coal, minerals and iron ore




(Precious) metals

Molasses and vegetable oils


Fly ash, lime, cement and sand

Waste and recycling

Connected services

Collateral management

Collateral management

As expert custodians, we can take overall control of your goods throughout their storage period. This provides a safe, effective and efficient way to store goods around the world, as well as facilitating additional credit risk management.
Stock monitoring and measurement (SMA)

Stock monitoring and measurement (SMA)

Good stock control is when you have full knowledge of every product type, amount, value and quality in your warehouse. Our stock monitoring and measurement services allow us to observe and report on global stock management.
Warehouse inspections

Warehouse inspections

Control Union offers expert assessment of warehouse, silos, tanks and premises that are used by customers for storage of cargo.
Harvest control

Harvest control

We provide crop analysis involving development and phytosanitary conditions, among others; satellite and drone images.


We offer Assets Appraisals carried out in accordance with rigorous and auditable methodologies under a strict commitment to confidentiality. The methodologies to be applied are studied in order to be aligned with market standards
Warrants and CMA

Warrants and CMA

The warrant is a credit instrument where Control Union becomes depositary of assets granted as collateral for the benefit of a financial and/or commercial creditor.
Agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance

We protect your production from potential environmental risks Agricultural and geospatial solutions, to help define crop insurance coverage risk.
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