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Pest Management

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    We  provide comprehensive pest control and pest management services wherever and whenever you need them. We fully adhere to the Gafta approved fumigators scheme when involved in phosphine fumigations.

    Trust is at the heart of all that we do. Our clients desire a partner that cares every bit as much about food safety and public health as they do. We are committed to meeting the very highest standards.

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    Our Pest Management services

    We offer the following services in more than 80 countries worldwide

    Controlled atmosphere (CA)

    Controlled atmosphere (CA)

    Controlled Atmosphere low oxygen by using in-situ nitrogen, is a technique used to kill insects of all life stages in dry commodities like grains, rice, cashew, tobacco, spices etc. This technique is approved by various organic schemes and is often applied in conventional supply chains as well due to increasing safety and cost considerations.
    Bulk non-toxic treatments

    Bulk non-toxic treatments

    In-situ nitrogen controlled atmosphere treatments are also applicable for bulk commodities. We deploy our own machines to do treatments on site. Pay per treatment. The parcel does not have to be moved, and it is possible to continue operations in the warehouse or silo building.
    Integrated pest management

    Integrated pest management

    A highly effective pest control method, IPM is prevention focussed and uses the minimum quantity of biocides possible, which helps reduce the impact on the environment.
    Bulk commodity fumigation

    Bulk commodity fumigation

    The most efficient and scalable method to date for bulk commodity fumigation is using ph3 phosphine. Using phosphine requires great skill and a high safety mindset. Coupled with our global network makes us one of the top service providers in this port-to-port business.
    Vessel disinfection

    Vessel disinfection

    From mighty sea vessels to coasters and inland waterway vessels, we offer meticulous disinfection treatments, targeting cargo holds, accommodations, and critical touchpoints.
    BMSB stink bugs

    BMSB stink bugs

    We offe a variety of services to prevent the brown marinated stink bug from destroying your goods. Compulsory for export to Australia and New Zealand

    BMSB season in Australia and New Zealand

    To prevent the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) from invading Australia and New Zealand, quarantine measurements are imposed on certain exported cargoes. We offer BMSB treatments on a daily basis. Download our free one-pager now for more info.

    BMSB – 1 pager ipdf
    BMSB Stink Bugs Pest Management
    Pest Management
    “Over the years we have added everything from laboratory analysis and certification to collateral management and sustainability services, and our one-stop shop inspections portfolio.”
    Peter de Weert, Managing Director
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    Of course, there are many reasons why you should choose us. But here are the most important ones:

    • Flexible: We have a very flexible team, happy to help you any time at any place in the world

    • Availability: We have a presence in more than 80 countries, 24/7

    • Value for money: We offer very competitive prices

    • Focus: We prioritize quality and safety

    • People, planet, profit, potential, promise

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