Sampling and sealing

Through correct sampling inspection in quality control, we can ascertain that the quality of your product meets the contractual specifications. Sampling will be done according to the ISO, GAFTA, GMP+, FOSFA, EU, UNECE standards.

Strengths of this service

  • Our sampling and contractual sealing services are ISO9001 certified or 17020 accredited, ensuring you get the highest quality of service

  • Sampling will be done according to the ISO, Gafta, GMP+, FOSFA, EU, and UNECE standards

  • We ensure we create an acceptance sampling plan that meets your requirements

  • We obtain representative lab and analysis results using our quality control of the sample size and method of sampling

Industries we work in

We perform our inspection services in the following industries:




Biomass and biofuels

Coal, minerals and iron ore




(Precious) metals

Molasses and vegetable oils


Fly ash, lime, cement and sand

Waste and recycling

grain silo commodity inspections

How can we help you?

Do you want specific information on our Commodity Inspection services? Or would you like to have a quotation? Do not hesitate to contact us or find your nearest local office.