GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard

Collaborating with internationally reputed manufacturers and trade associations, Control Union was able to fabricate the concept of certifying products made out of organically grown latex progressively over time, which ultimately made known to the world with the name “Global Organic Latex Standard – (GOLS)”.

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GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard
    GOLS certification

    About the certification

    Supported by manufacturers and various stakeholders of latex industry, GOLS became a globally recognized standard for products made out of organically grown natural rubber latex. Originally developed by Control Union, GOLS adds value to companies seeking more sustainable products.

    Gols certified products

    The aim of the standard is to recognize products which may include, but not limited to, mattress & bedding products, gloves, bands, shoe soles, rubber toys, condoms and any other product made out of organically grown natural rubber latex. These products may contain not only certified natural rubber latex but also other approved additional materials and accessories. In order to label the final product as GOLS it is paramount that all the raw materials in the product (other than approved additional materials/accessories) comply with the requirements on organic origin.

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    Natural Rubber latex

    GOLS Project Summary 2024 (June 2024)

    Updated list (30th June 2024) of certified clients for GOLS.

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    The standard addresses criteria for natural rubber latex and any other agriculture ingredients from certified organic plantations (USDA NOP or EU) that is processed as GOLS certified manufacturing units. The GOLS standard features permissible limits for harmful substances, emission test requirements and polymer and filler percentages.

    By using transaction certificates at every sale of a product in the supply chain, traceability from the plantation to the final retailer is ensured.

    How you benefit

    • GOLS establishes a clear path and procedure on the route from farmer level to the certified organic latex product manufacturer

    • Among other factors, manufacturers that are given approval to produce organic products under the GOLS logo have to follow mandatory social and environmental regulations

    • GOLS enables manufactures, exporters and sellers to showcase an unique product of organic origin, socially justifiable, environmentally friendly and traceable throughout its value chain

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    Are you looking for a certain service or do you have any questions about the certification program? Let me know. My name is Prabhath Rathnayake and I’m glad to help.