PPRS – Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard

PPRS – Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard

The Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS) provides a framework for the implementation of a credible and verifiable plastic offsetting program. The comprehensive approach means the network of partners provides a safe and transparent system of physically collecting, transporting, and processing plastic waste to prevent leakage into nature.

    Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX)

    About the standard

    Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) is accelerating the transition to a circular economy and building a future where no plastic ends up in nature.

    The non-profit organization PCX Solutions was the first in the world to establish a fully transparent, third-party audited Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS) to ensure the impact and responsibility of plastic waste projects. It works closely with organizations on the ground, the corporate sector to understand its plastic footprint and to establish ambitious reduction plans, and with governments and the wider ecosystem to boldly tackle the plastic issue both upstream and downstream.


    Our plastic debt is increasing yearly and we need to put a stop to this. PPRS aims to do so by offering a broad scope that covers collection credits, landfill diversion credits, recycling credits and plastic avoidance credits for project partners that recover, process and recycle plastic waste.

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    The benefits of PPRS

    For brands

    • Enhanced sustainability branding

    • Access to plastic offsetting and credits

    • Collaboration opportunities

    • Compliance and accreditation

    • Consumer engagement

    The benefits of PPRS

    For project partners (recover, process, recycle):

    • Positive environmental impact

    • Collaboration and networking opportunities

    • Increased visibility

    • Access to generation of plastic credits

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