Sustainable Natural Dyes Standard – SNDS

Sustainable Natural Dyes Standard (SNDS) has been developed with the intent to provide a realistic & holistic approach in ensuring natural content in dyes and auxiliaries.

Sustainable Natural Dye standard
    Sustainable Natural Dyes Standard (SNDS)

    About the certification

    Most of the chemicals used in manufacturing dyes & auxiliaries are highly toxic, non-biodegradable & non-ecofriendly. They are having potential for causing carcinogenic, reproductive & respiratory diseases.

    Strict environmental & ecological laws and public awareness has led to a demand for products that are non-toxic, non-polluting, bio-resourced, sustainably processed, etc.

    Advancing sustainability in dye industry

    Control Union plays a vital role in developing & implementing standards which has majorly contribution in the field of sustainability. To ensure the development & meeting of such revolutionized demand for dyes & auxiliaries, Control Union has come up with a solution that is Sustainable Natural Dyes Standard (SNDS) which will address sustainability along with environmental issues. SNDS aims in ensuring the use of natural substances along with keeping an eye on other relative aspects such as use of fertilizers, operational requirements, social practices, tracing & sourcing.


    Third-party audit/verification

    Third-party audit/verification of product as per below mentioned criteria:

    • Raw material sourcing

    • Testing

    • Contamination and traceability

    • Social Practices

    • Wastewater management

    How you benefit

    Identified risks can be managed methodically by certifying process/product/system. Complying to the standard is helpful in demonstrating sustainability of product, process and efficiency independently in the marketplace & building confidence. Engaging in the standard means sustainable development practices are in place to help businesses grow in ways that adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, strict country regulations, consumers demanding safe end-products.

    Through third-party verification, we motivate your (quality) claim independently towards your clients. Furthermore, traceability and contamination risks can be managed better by certifying your management system and/or your product.

    With 200+ certification programs, we are able to conduct combination audits saving time and expenses for our customers.

    As a result, you will benefit from a ‘front runner’ position in the eyes of investors, rating agencies and other analysts and have an improved stakeholder communication.

    Our network of offices in more than 80 countries allows us to make certification more efficient and cost-effective, while upholding the same stringent professional auditing and certification procedures.


    How can we help you?

    Are you looking for a certain service, do you have any questions or do you want to apply for the certification program? Let us know. We’re glad to be of help.