TLV – Timber Legality Verification

Through complying to our TLV Standard, you as an importer/exporter, supplier or forest management company can demonstrate to customers and competent authorities your commitment to due diligence, legality assurance and the prevention of deforestation and forest degradation.

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    TLV Standard

    How we can help

    As a globally acknowledged third-party Conformity Assessment Body, Control Union Certifications provides impartial, professional competent and objective assessment and certification services to establish public confidence and trust, and to enable our clients to showcase their commitment, among others in forestry and forest products. In order to further develop our services for the sector’s needs, we established the Timber Legality Verification (TLV) standard, aligned with the EUDR, UKTR, Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV) and the US Lacey Act.


    Why the TLV standard is important

    There is a growing worldwide interest in this standard from companies and other organisations in order to demonstrate that they are minimising the risks of illegal harvesting and trading of their timber products.

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    WoodTrack our DDS system

    Since the introduction of the EUTR, we have been appointed as a monitoring organization and have developed a highly optimizable DDS WoodTrack tool for all organizations. Additionally, as a client, you have access to a portal that provides access to the information needed for a well-functioning DDS system. Our DDS WoodTrack tool is ready for immediate use also for your organization.

    TLV standard

    Getting certified for the TLV certification

    With more than a decade working with timber legality, Control Union has partnered with many companies to meet their sustainability challenges head-on.

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    Request a TLV certification and/or additional service

    Click on the ‘apply now’ link on the left to begin the application process for TLV and/or WoodTrack or others wood legality services that Control Union has to offer.

    Receive the offer letter

    Once we have your application(s), we will provide you with an offer letter that will indicate the price and scope of your certification and/or additional service.

    Accept and schedule and our first visit

    Upon accepting and signing, we will contact you about setting up dates for your audit and/or training and provide instructions about any applicable additional services requested. You will be assigned to one of our auditors which will give you access to the standards and additional services.

    Implementation period

    We are available to provide tailored support during the implementation period. Short meetings will provide you with the information you need to continue and finish the implementation period.

    Initial audit and certification

    After the implementation period the auditor will indicate if you comply with the specific legality requirements and our TLV standard. At the close of the audit, the auditor will indicate if any non-compliances have been found and agree to the deadlines of the corrective actions.

    Audit review and certification

    Your audit results will be reviewed by a secondary person, called the certifier, who ultimately decides if you comply with the legal requirements and whether certification will be granted. If approval is granted you will be contacted to receive your TLV certification or the results of another agreed wood legality service. We provide annual audits in the following years to guarantee you still comply to the standards and the legal requirements.

    e.g. Document review, DDS review, on site audits

    Additional wood legality services

    Control Union Certifications offers impartial, professional, competent, and objective assessment and certification services to establish public confidence and trust. Our services enable our clients to showcase their commitment. We have extensive experience in forestry and forest products throughout the entire supply chain. Our services include document and DDS reviews, client-centric training, on-site audits, and more. Contact us for more information.


    How you benefit

    • Five-year certificates are issued, and annual surveillance audits are carried out. A valid certificate also permits your company or organisation to make claims about your commitment to legal timber sourcing

    • Our global network of offices allows us to be more efficient and cost effective whilst maintaining the same stringent professional auditing and certification procedures


    How can I help you?

    Complying with legal regulations is no easy matter. With our standards, training, audits and support, we make your legal obligations manageable and controlled.