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    Increasing desire for quality control

    With an increasing desire and importance of quality control in the food industry we can accommodate to your needs by representing you and your product as an independent and international third party service provider. 

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    For the fruit and vegetables industry we provide various services on different levels. Read more about our offering here and simply select from the services overview below. Off course we also offer tailor made solutions if necessary.

    With our significant experience and successful track record in fruit inspections, certifications, cold chain logistics, lab analysis and relevant quality processes we provide product expertise and knowledge both at harvest and post-harvest. We continuously focus on ensuring our services meet the highest delivery standards, thereby giving you control of your supply chain. 

    Fresh produce is a perishable product group that spoils quickly, necessitating a rapid response. Would you like your fruit and vegetables tested for significant contamination and chemicals? TLR recommends that fruit and vegetable samples should be analysed within 24 to 48 hours.

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    Stock Monitoring & Measurement (SMA)

    Stock Monitoring & Measurement (SMA)

    Good stock control is when you have full knowledge of every product type, amount, value and quality in your warehouse. Our stock monitoring and measurement services allow us to observe and report on global stock management.
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    Our presence throughout the entire supply chain makes us the right business partner

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    Are you looking for a certain service, certification program or do you wish to be supported by someone in your own language or country? Let us know and we will gladly help.