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    Analyzing and inspecting a wide range of fuel and biomass products

    We have been actively servicing the bio-based energy business since biomass and biofuels were first introduced as replacements for fossil fuels. We also offer a comprehensive suite of analytical services to meet the needs of coal and minerals producers, transporters and consumers around the world, including coal analysis, mineral analysis and iron ore analysis.

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    For the fuel industry, we provide various services on different levels. Read more about our offering here and simply select from the services overview below. Of course, we also offer tailor-made solutions if necessary.

    TLR participates in independent quality management plans, such as Gafta (including special accreditation for Gafta biomass analysis), FOSFA, Q+S and GMP+. In addition, the SCOTA has accorded TLR ‘preferred laboratory’ status. We deliver accurate analytical results within five working days. We also provide a faster service for biofuels, delivering results within one day.

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    Our international network of companies, operations and laboratories enables us to offer a full range of services around the globe, and our in-depth knowledge of and experience in all aspects of inspections and the logistics chain make us second to none in the coal, minerals and iron ore sector. We are experts in handling and analyzing the biofuels and biomass you trade to ensure we deliver sustainable added value. Our presence throughout the entire supply chain makes us the right business partner to manage your product quality, safety and certification needs.

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    Stock monitoring and measurement (SMA)

    Stock monitoring and measurement (SMA)

    Good stock control is when you have full knowledge of every product type, amount, value and quality in your warehouse. Our stock monitoring and measurement services allow us to observe and report on global stock management.

    TLR has been analysing solid fuels since the 1970s

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