Control Union Awarded by Malaysian Forest Fund to Conduct Feasibility Study and Development of Forest Carbon Offset Protocol for Malaysia

By Dinusha W. Surendre
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4 December 2023

Awarded by Malaysia Forest Fund

Shah Alam, 16th November 2023 – Control Union, a global leader in sustainability and environmental services, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a significant contract by the Malaysia Forest Fund to conduct a feasibility study and develop the Forest Carbon Offset Protocol for Malaysia.

The Malaysian Forest Fund, a key stakeholder in the nation’s efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable forestry practices, has entrusted Control Union with the critical task of designing a robust locally and potentially international recognized carbon offset protocol specific to Malaysia’s diverse and vital forest ecosystems.

This exciting study reflects Control Union’s commitment to environmental preservation and its expertise in creating innovative solutions to address climate change and support sustainable forestry. Developing carbon offset protocol with consideration of the domestic circumstances will play a pivotal role in enhancing Malaysia’s position on the global stage, as it addresses climate challenges and endeavors to achieve its sustainability goals.

The protocol will be following demand from domestic carbon offset scheme. The development process involves several engagement sessions with federal and state agencies, industries and academia held between December to February 2024 to ensure that the protocol is comprehensive and meet the requirements of relevant parties.

Control Union’s team of experts is enthusiastic about this opportunity to contribute to Malaysia’s environmental and sustainability efforts, and we look forward to working closely with the Malaysia Forest Fund to bring this project to fruition. By providing a framework that accurately accounts for carbon sequestration and emissions reductions within Malaysia’s forests, this protocol will allow the country to explore carbon markets, generate sustainable financing from carbon offset projects, and further strengthen its position as a leader in sustainable forestry management.

We believe that this collaboration with the Malaysia Forest Fund is a significant step towards realizing Malaysia’s environmental and climate ambitions. Control Union remains committed to delivering a comprehensive and effective Forest Carbon Offset Protocol that aligns with the country’s unique environmental context and international standards

About Malaysia Forest Fund

The Malaysia Forest Fund (MFF) is a dynamic financial team responsible for providing a financial mechanism or investment fund that supports the conservation, sustainable management and restoration of forests under the National REDD Plus Strategy. Established by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change on June 30, 2021, the Malaysia Forest Fund aims to address environmental issues, promote biodiversity and mitigate climate change by investing in projects related to forestry and land conservation.

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