Control Union Malaysia and CarbonSpace Pioneer Exclusive Partnership to Elevate Sustainability in Malaysian Palm Oil & Forestry Sector

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By Dinusha W. Surendre
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5 December 2023

Awarded by Malaysia Forest Fund

Shah Alam, 16th November 2023 – Control Union Malaysia, a globally recognized verification body, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with CarbonSpace, a leading provider of AI and satellite-powered carbon footprint data for the food and forestry industries.

This groundbreaking collaboration is set to revolutionize sustainability practices within the Malaysian palm oil and forestry industries. CarbonSpace’s cutting-edge online platform, dedicated to monitoring carbon sequestration and emissions in palm oil plantations and forests, leverages advanced AI and satellite technology. This strategic partnership positions CarbonSpace as the exclusive Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) service provider for all palm oil and forest carbon monitoring projects in Malaysia. Simultaneously, Control Union Malaysia assumes the role of the exclusive validation, verification, and certification service provider for these projects.


Value Proposition

CarbonSpace as Exclusive MRV Service Provider: CarbonSpace’s platform will serve as the go-to solution for palm oil plantations in Malaysia, offering unparalleled insights into carbon sequestration and emissions. The platform’s AI-driven approach ensures real-time, accurate data, empowering stakeholders to understand their plantations’ carbon sequestration strengths and make informed decisions for further climate action.

Control Union Malaysia as Exclusive Validation, Verification, and Certification Service Provider: Control Union’s extensive expertise in independent assurance services solidifies the integrity of the carbon emissions data provided by CarbonSpace. Through exclusive validation and verification services, Control Union will play a pivotal role in certifying the accuracy and reliability of carbon footprint data.

This exclusive collaboration addresses the critical need for reliable carbon monitoring in the palm oil and forestry sector, aligning with global sustainability goals. By combining CarbonSpace’s technological prowess with Control Union Malaysia’s verification expertise, the partnership aims to drive positive change, facilitate sustainability, and unlock the carbon offset potential within Malaysian palm oil plantations and forest.

Mr. Supun Nigamuni, Managing Director of Control Union Malaysia, stated, “Our collaboration with CarbonSpace marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainability practices within the palm oil and forest industry. By providing exclusive validation and verification services, we are committed to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of carbon emissions data, fostering a culture of transparency and responsibility.”

Dr. Geza Toth, Chief Executive Officer of CarbonSpace, added, “We are excited about the exclusive partnership with Control Union Malaysia. Together, we are well-positioned to empower the palm oil and forest industry with actionable insights and drive meaningful change. This collaboration is a testament to our joint commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

The exclusivity of this partnership is limited to palm oil and forest carbon monitoring projects in Malaysia, emphasizing the dedication of both Control Union Malaysia and CarbonSpace to addressing the unique sustainability challenges within the country’s palm oil and forest sector.

About CarbonSpace

CarbonSpace is a satellite and AI-based platform enabling food & beverage companies to reach climate goals across their agricultural supply chains. The platform empowers unified, scalable, and cost-effective carbon footprint monitoring for a broad range of ecosystems globally, including plantations, forests, croplands, and grazing lands. In contrast to other satellite-based methodologies, CarbonSpace’s revolutionary technology estimates carbon emissions and sequestration directly at the entire ecosystem level, without the use of proxies or assumed parameters. This approach brings a new level of transparency to supply chains and unleashes the potential of nature-based carbon removal projects

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