Malaysia welcomes its first FSC®-FM/COC certified rubber plantation

FSC certification Malaysia
By Dinusha W. Surendre
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29 January 2024

Malaysia welcomes its first FSC®-FM/COC certified rubber plantation

Control Union was pleased to play a key role as the rubber sector in Malaysia achieved a significant milestone this new year.

The inaugural Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) forest management / chain of custody certification has taken place for a rubber plantation in Sabah, totaling 183.14 hectares. The certification is held by the first group of 56 rubber farmers (from indigenous communities) under the purview of CMO International as the group manager and Lembaga Industri Getah Sabah.

As the pioneer of forest certification, FSC sets the standard for responsible forest stewardship which ensures forests and forest plantations are managed in a way that is environmentally appropriate, socially responsible and economically viable.

Beyond ensuring rubber plantations are sustainably-managed via the rigorous standards of FSC, the project serves to ensure readiness for the increasing demand for products made of FSC-certified materials, and compliance with the European Union Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) as well as other similar legislations/policies.

The successful outcome of this project was made possible with FSC Malaysia’s sustainable natural rubber project, alongside partners CMO International, Control Union Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia.

This signifies the start of a journey to propel Malaysia as one of the major suppliers of sustainably-produced FSC-certified rubber in the Asia-Pacific region.

Supun 1
“Control Union Malaysia extends sincere congratulations to CMO Malaysia Sdn Bhd and SRIB for their historic achievement in successfully completing the FSC Forest Management audit.
Supun Nigamuni, Managing Director of Control Union Malaysia

“They stand as the first entities in Malaysia to attain the esteemed FSC certificate for a group of smallholder rubber plantations. The thorough audit, meticulously conducted by Control Union, involved consultations with over 400 national and regional stakeholders, along with comprehensive on-site visits, demonstrating steadfast compliance with FSC national standards. Additionally, we wish to highlight the significant role of smallholders in the Malaysian rubber industry. Their invaluable contributions play a crucial part in the sector’s overall growth and sustainability.

“Recognizing their importance is essential for fostering the well-being of local communities and promoting ethical, sustainable business practices. We commend their inclusive approach in collaborating with smallholders, reflecting a commitment to the betterment of local communities. This accomplishment further underscores their dedication to responsible forestry practices and the preservation of our valuable ecosystems.”

FSC Certification

FSC has made significant strides in certifying the natural rubber value chain across diverse consumer sectors. Numerous products with FSC-certified natural rubber, such as balloons, footwear, gloves, mattresses, pillows, tyres and yoga mats, are now available on the market. FSC-certification assures that the natural rubber in these items originates from forests or plantations adhering to safe working conditions, free from deforestation or environmental harm.

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