How sustainable tourism profits from certification

Positano Italy
1 February 2024

Our colleague Gerben Hardeman, manager tourism programs, will join BIT Milano on February 4-6-2024. He shares his views on the importance of sustainable tourism certification (GSTC):

“Tourism businesses adopting global sustainable tourism certification follow a systematic approach towards improving their sustainability journey. They appreciate that they need to take responsibility and contribute to making our world a better place. Apart from the sustainable management internally you can also demonstrate your commitment to environmentally responsible practices, benefiting the environment by reducing the use of water, waste energy and more.

“Additionally, and this is often overlooked, you can contribute to local communities by employing and training local staff and supporting local businesses, fostering social sustainability.

“Tourism clients place a lot more importance on sustainability than previously, and demonstrating your sustainable credentials and ethical practices will help you to be a more successful business.

“If you think you are ready to be audited by an independent competent third party, Control Union will be there for you. Our verification will help you to communicate the proof of your promise.”

More information about sustainable tourism certification or if you want to contact us, go to: Sustainable Tourism Certification – Control Union Global GSTC

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