Ankita Verma – Inspection

Ankita Verma – Australia

Ankita Verma from Australia
Joined our company in 2022
Business unit: ​Inspection Service, Australia 

Tell us a little about your background

With over nine years of experience as Microbiologist in laboratory, I joined Control Union Australia as Microbiologist. I have both a Bachelor of Sciences (Microbiology) and Graduate in Food Science with extensive experience in understanding the principles and applications of microbiology.

As a microbiologist I study tiny organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi that are too small to see with the naked eye. These tiny creatures are everywhere around us, and they have a big effect on our lives, from helping us to stay healthy to playing a role in the environment and our lives.

I have experience in conducting experiments, analyse microorganisms and study their characteristics and behaviors. The testing applies of a range of samples including, food and feed samples.


What is your role at Control Union?

My local office is based in Brisbane, Australia. It has four different departments where all food and feed testing is carried out, including: grain testing, meal and Leco department, tallow department and micro department. All food and feed testing is carried among these departments.

I assist and engage with users, offering helpful information and support; working with the company allows me to do just that on a large scale.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The thrill of discovery and the opportunity to delve into the unseen world of microorganisms captivates me. Also, being at the forefront of understanding their impact on our lives is incredibly rewarding.

What has been the highlight of your time with the Company so far?

Every interaction is a highlight for me. But if I had to pick, it’s the chance to assist and train the junior staff through sharing knowledge along the way.

Another was when the company partnered with a microbiologist-led research team to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions. By harnessing the expertise in microbiology, the company aimed to create packaging materials that were biodegradable and minimized environmental impact, showcasing a dedication to sustainability through scientific innovation.

What is your best advice to someone who wants to join our company?

I can say Control Union often embodies innovation, sustainability, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. They offer opportunities for growth, collaboration and making a positive impact within the industry and beyond.

What interests do you hope to pursue this year?

This year and in upcoming years, I hope to dive deeper into emerging technologies like PCR, explore advancements in various scientific fields, and continue learning about diverse topics to enhance my knowledge base.

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