Erjona Mustafaraj – The Netherlands

Erjona Mustafaraj from Albania

Joined our company in 2022

Legal Operations and Compliance Coordinator

Business unit: Collateral Services – Control Union Netherlands

Tell us a little about your background

Five years ago, I relocated to Rotterdam in the Netherlands with my husband, having spent close to two decades living in Italy. Originally hailing from Albania, I bring a diverse cultural background to my experiences. Prior to joining Control Union in my current role, I gained significant expertise in implementing quality systems, nurturing supplier connections, conducting audits, and facilitating staff training within a manufacturing setting. Holding a master’s degree in law, my professional background also encompasses providing legal counsel on matters pertaining to business contracts and corporate governance.

What is your role at Control Union?

My current role as the Legal Operations and Compliance Coordinator at Control Union Collateral Services involves monitoring projects and operations to ensure that they align with contractual obligations and meet client expectations.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I enjoy most about my role is the opportunity to make a tangible impact. Whether it is through streamlining operations, nurturing client relationships, or ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

If you were to meet a group of 10-year-olds who are eager to learn about the work that you do, can you tell us what you will say to them?

I would start by explaining that I help make sure everything runs smoothly at a company that helps other businesses trade goods, like cocoa and sugar, around the world. Just like how a coach helps organize a sports team to play their best, I make sure everyone on our team knows what they are supposed to do and help them do it well. We also make sure we follow all the rules and laws, like how you follow the rules when playing a game, to make sure everything is fair and safe for everyone involved. It is like being a superhero behind the scenes, making sure everything works perfectly so our team can succeed!

Which opportunities you have had since becoming part of the company?

Since joining the company, I have had numerous opportunities for growth and development. One of the most rewarding aspects has been the chance to interact with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. This exposure has not only broadened my understanding of different cultures and business practices but has also enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to travel as part of my role, which has been both enriching and educational. These travels have allowed me to visit various locations, meet clients face-to-face, and gain firsthand insights into their needs and challenges. This hands-on experience has been invaluable in strengthening client relationships and finding innovative solutions to meet their requirements.

Would you have an example of a situation where you experienced our values when performing your role?

Certainly! One example of experiencing our company values occurred when we undertook a major project for a client with operations spread across multiple locations, requiring completion within a tight timeframe. Leveraging our global presence and collaborative approach, we swiftly mobilized teams in different regions to ensure seamless coordination and execution.

During the project, we adhered to our value of **Entrepreneurship** by taking proactive steps to anticipate and overcome challenges. Our team demonstrated agility and innovative thinking, implementing creative solutions to streamline processes and meet project deadlines effectively.

Furthermore, our commitment to **Long-Term View** was evident as we not only focused on meeting immediate project goals but also strategized for sustainable outcomes. By aligning our efforts with the client’s long-term objectives, we fostered a partnership based on mutual trust and shared vision. Ultimately, our dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit and long-term perspective, enabled us to deliver exceptional results that exceeded the client’s expectations and strengthened our relationship for future collaborations.

What is your best advice to someone who wants to join our company?

My best advice for someone looking to join our company is to show alignment with our values, a passion for our industry, and a proactive attitude. Highlight relevant skills and experiences and demonstrate genuine interest in our business. With the right mindset and preparation, you will be well-positioned to succeed and contribute positively to our team.

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