​​Katarzyna Wolak​  (33) – Poland

Katarzyna Wolak (33) from Poland
Joined our company in 2015
Senior specialist for certification systems, Textile Auditor
Business unit: Audits & Certifications Services Poland

Where do you live?

I live in Zielona Gora, Poland. I have a wonderful family with whom I love spending time, mainly my 3-year-old son, Oliwier. I’m lucky to have an office in my city, but I also travel a lot, which gives me a great opportunity to meet clients and get to know the market better. 

What is it exactly that you do at Control Union?

I am responsible for building business relationships with clients and signing contracts for audits and certification. I also perform audits in several textile programs. Moreover, I am involved in many certification-related activities that focus on administrative work. 

Why did you join us?

I started working just after high school. I was looking for my way” for a long time, first studying sociology and then administration, I tried various professions in between until I found Control Union.  I felt that my previous work didn’t satisfy me and I was looking for a new opportunity to develop my career. It was like “I will try here, seems to be an interesting company”. I started as an Office Assistant and this seems to be MY PLACE for 8 years now and where I became a Senior Certification Specialist and Senior Textile Auditor. 

What do you enjoy most about your role/work?

Travelling and the contact with clients and co-workers! This is the best part of my work.  

Can you share some of the opportunities Control Union gave you?

During these years I  participated in many trainings, meetings and my knowledge expanded a lot. Also I visited 13 new countries conducting audits. What can be more valuable at work if you love what you do?  

What was you most memorable experience while working with the company? 

When I was approved as a textiles auditor! I was trying to get in this position for over 2 years. ​So proud.


Control Union has a CSR policy and cares about the environment. How do you see this in your work?

Good idea for office workers is sports pass (carnets for gym/swimming etc.), calibration meeting of whole office at least once per year, trainings and premium rates is always good idea!
I have a good work/life balance too. We do not have overtimes, there is a friendly atmosphere in the office and with auditors whom we do not see on daily basis. Everyone is helpful and there is no “rat race” atmosphere. If you want to develop, Control Union will give you the opportunity to do so. 

What is your best advice to people who want to join us?

Courage! And come on #taking on challenges together! 

 If you could only choose five words to describe your career journey with us, what would you choose?

Opportunities, people, development, travels, better tomorrow.!

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What would you like to know?

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