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    Collateral management

    Your money in safe operations

    Our expertise lies in our control. Our highly trained experts are in the business of safeguarding operations.  We know the business and understand the risks, detecting trouble before it knocks on your door.

    Security lies in foreseeability and prevention

    How we mitigate the risks

    We stand fortified with reliable operations to effectively mitigate risks and master challenges.

    Your credits will not be affected in case of bankruptcy and / or Chapter 11 scenarios. Not to worry.

    All goods under collateral will be insured by a first-level insurance company. This offers peace of mind.

    An integrated monitoring and auditing system is implemented according to the specific needs of each operation.

    Diversify your risks by choosing investment options in various markets and countries.

    Numbers speak better than words

    Why Control Union

    Numbers speak better than words We are the market experts in collateral management. Our established track record and ongoing operations are the proof against your investment. With a historic default at 0.1% we control risks in business and become the proof to your promise.

    USD we are monitoring in all CMA and SMA operations
    Total number of countries in which we operate
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    Here you’ll find a selection of services for your industry thoughtfully selected from our service portfolio. However, as your trusted collateral management partner, rest assured that we hold the expertise to craft tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

    The warrant is a credit instrument where Control Union becomes depositary of assets granted as collateral for the benefit of a financial and/or commercial creditor.

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    We offer Assets Appraisals carried out in accordance with rigorous and auditable methodologies under a strict commitment to confidentiality.

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    Our stock monitoring and measurement services allow us to observe and report on global stock management, giving you visibility into the movement, care and condition of your commodities.

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    We monitor the crops from initial growth and harvesting through to the first storage point, reducing the risk of any potential losses and ensuring the highest quality at every stage.

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    “After offering diverse solutions through our guarantee models for many years, today, the entire financial market not only considers us as their preferred service provider but also as a strategic partner.”
    Federico Richards, Managing Director at Control Union Warrants (Brazil)
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