Collateral management


    Collateral management

    Our solutions help ensure your volume goals

    As a trader, you require volume assurance. We understand your challenges and are here to assist you in gaining access to new sources and/or increasing the purchase volumes from your clients when credit limits are restricted.

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    Here you’ll find a selection of services for your industry thoughtfully selected from our service portfolio. However, as your trusted collateral management partner, rest assured that we hold the expertise to craft tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

    Ensure your merchandise will be stored in the correct conditions by means of technical inspections within the warehouse, either for internal compliance purposes or to fulfill insurance company requirements.

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    Enhance input sales while ensuring repayment through the delivery of end products.

    Safeguard the origination of goods under a secure collateral structure.

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    “We help traders achieve their origination and/or production volume goals.”
    Ignacio Galperin, Commercial Manager (Argentina)
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