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Based on our long standing global network in the commodity space, we are building a worldwide port-to-port pest management operation— Control Union Pest Management. One of the most commonly used methods for bulk commodity storage and in-transit port-to-port fumigation is using PH3 phosphine. Despite its obvious advantages PH3 is also highly lethal to humans even in very low amounts. Therefore utmost care and quality is required when providing PH3 fumigation services especially in transit.

Pest Control Service for Fumigation in Cargo Hold of Grain Bulker Ship
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    Advantages of phosphine fumigants:

    • Toxic to insects, rodents, birds, and mammals

    • Penetrates into large commodity parcels commodities, and equipment

    • Applied without disturbing the commodity,

    • Usually available and economical to use.

    Before PH3 is applied as tablets or sleeves and with or without a J-system, a meticulous inspection is done on the vessel verifying the vessel holds/ hatches and potential manholes and pipes are gastight or sealed. Safety equipment is placed on board for gas testing during the voyage, and all further measures and procedures, such as exposure time and ventilation, are discussed, shared and signed/stamped with the vessel master or his deputy.

    When possible, we verify if and which fumigator is responsible at discharge port for gas-free measurements, and we share all information accordingly in advance with them. Naturally, this is the easiest when a CUPM fumigator is also responsible at discharge port.

    Certified & Gafta approved

    All our offices involved in phosphine fumigation are Gafta-approved fumigators, which means we are certified for the application of fumigants and/or the ventilation/degassing of agricultural commodities and goods traded in accordance with Gafta.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Our fumigation services cater to a wide range of cargo including agricultural products, food items, textiles, and more. We also provide specialized fumigation for boats and vessels, ensuring they remain pest free during transport.

    Fumigation involves the use of gases or vapors to penetrate and eliminate pests within structures or cargo. This method is effective for eradicating pests in hard-to-reach areas that other treatments might not address.

    Safety is paramount in our fumigation services. We strictly follow industry regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients, their cargo, and our team. Proper ventilation and comprehensive risk assessments are integral parts of our process.

    Our fumigation methods prioritize both effectiveness and environmental responsibility. We use fumigants that are approved and regulated to minimize their impact on the environment while effectively eradicating pests.

    Our team of experts is trained in proper fumigation techniques to minimize any potential damage to cargo or vessels. We conduct thorough inspections before fumigation to ensure everything is adequately prepared and protected.

    Absolutely. Our services extend to international shipments and boats, ensuring that your cargo or vessel remains pest-free throughout its journey.

    Our services are essential for various industries including agriculture, food processing, maritime shipping, and more. Any industry that deals with the transportation of goods can benefit from our expertise.

    Yes. After the fumigation process is successfully completed, we provide a comprehensive fumigation certificate. This document serves as proof that your cargo or vessel has undergone the necessary treatment to meet international shipping and biosecurity standards.

    To inquire about our services or schedule fumigation for your cargo or vessel, simply reach out to us via our website or contact information. We’ll guide you through the process, provide information, and work with you to ensure a pest-free and compliant shipment or voyage. Your cargo’s integrity and your vessel’s safety are our priorities.

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