Controlled atmosphere (CA)

Goods that often get infected with pests may be best treated in airtight chambers. Controlled atmospheres are airtight chambers or containers that can get products such as nuts, corn, rice, cocoa, coffee, spices, dried fruit, seeds, legumes, tobacco, soya wheat and barley pest free—quickly and efficiently. This technique is approved by various organic schemes and is often applied in conventional supply chains as well due to increasing safety and cost considerations.

Controlled Atmosphere for Pest Management
    Clean and safe

    Go for non-toxic fumigation

    Controlled atmosphere fumigation is applied to control pests in dry commodities and food supplies and is extremely suitable for both preventive and curative treatments. This technique is based on the creation of a low-oxygen regime/content in a specially constructed gastight treatment chamber or container.

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    Foolproof and bioproof

    Controlled Atmosphere for Pest Management

    No resistance

    Mortality rate of 100% of all live stages, such as eggs larvae, purpae and adults


    No toxic chemicals

    CA uses in-situ nitrogen from the ambient air, which does not require any toxic chemicals


    No degassing concerns

    CA chambers use ambient air to produce Nitrogen. removing complex logistics in N2 supplies


    No harm to (organic) products

    Permitted in organic production programs such as EU-Organic, USDA-NOP, Japan JAS and Bio Suisse


    No harm for the environment

    Treatment facility safe for workers, consumers and the environment.

    Approved by multiple organic programs worldwide

    Control Union systems are used worldwide to control pests as a curative or preventative method in organic production processes without compromising the quality of commodities. Control Union’s Controlled Atmosphere chambers lower oxygen to below 0.5% through the lushing of Nitrogen to kill insects at all life stages including the eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult. Our solutions can apply to Organic programs, such as EU Organic, USDA NOP, and JAS.


    EU Organic

    EU – Regulation EEC. No. 834/2007 of Organic Production in the European Union

    USDA CERTpng

    USDA – NOP Organic

    Organic regulation for USA


    Fipa Efapa Korea (유기식품)

    Regulation for Organic production in Korea


    Japanese organic (有機)

    Japanese Organic Regulation – JAS


    Bio Suisse

    Organic standard for Bio Suisse organization in Switzerland



    German Association for Organic Agriculture

    Chamber and container installations

    Our Controlled atmospheres are available in 2 main formats: Tailor made chamber installation at your facility, or in a container for solutions requiring less space.

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    CA Chamber installation

    The Control Union Controlled Atmosphere system enables the establishment of ideal, oxygen-free treatment environments within hermetic chambers, eliminating any possibility of insect survival (eggs, larvae, pupae, or adults).

    Our Controlled Atmosphere chambers are customizable to accommodate small or large quantities of products requiring treatment, tailored to your logistical requirements.

    Due to their capacity to accommodate high volumes of goods simultaneously, these chambers represent one of the most convenient and effective airtight spaces for fumigation. They can be installed in any desired location and are offered in a range of sizes.

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    CA Container installation

    Fitted containers provide an ideal solution, especially in space-constrained environments. These airtight containers can be conveniently placed either within or outside your facility, offering flexibility in placement.

    Similar to our Controlled Atmosphere chambers, the CA Container installation service caters to varying volume requirements. Each container is capable of fumigating up to 15 metric tons of goods per 40-feet container, providing an effective solution for treating large quantities of products.

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    The machine room: design and options

    Controlled Atmosphere Chambers require a separate machine room, distinct from the treatment chamber, to perform treatments effectively. These can be set up either in a separate machine room or within a containerized mobile machine room.

    Each Controlled Atmosphere setup includes the following essential elements: GA Atlas Copco®,Compressor with integrated dryer,

    • Nitrogen generator
    • Compressed air components
    • Temperature humidity and o2 sensors
    • Control Union software equipped in English
    • Power supplies from (CA) an (MA) switchboxes to all components

    CE standard material incl. Buffertank

    installation image

    Every Controlled Atmosphere includes an Atlas Copco GA Compressor®

    Every treatment from Control Union is backed by Atlas Copco GA Compressors®, ensuring reliable and efficient treatments every single time. With their robust design and advanced engineering, they ensure maximum uptime and energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings.

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    One machine can handle multiple Chambers simultaneously

    One machine room is able to hande multiple CA chamber at once. Our systems are designed to maintain the quality of perishable goods over extended periods. The system consists of several large, interconnected storage units, each equipped with a temperature probe, an oxygen measuring unit, and an over/under pressure valve to ensure optimal conditions within. These units are connected through a series of air pipes and valves to a central machine room housed in a container. This room contains a low-oxygen converter, crucial for maintaining an atmosphere with less than 1.5% oxygen content.

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    24/7 monitoring solutions

    Our cloud-based software solution is accessible on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as through cloud services, enabling both on-site and remote monitoring of the heat treatment process. The platform is easy to use by design, making non-experts able to easily monitor the progress of heat treatments. Our solution guarantees results, with built-in functionality to confirm the successful conclusion of treatments, ensuring both energy cost and treatment duration are minimized for efficiency and savings.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    We do not use any chemicals for performing CA treatments. Our technique involves reducing the oxygen level under 1.5% in an enclosed environment with the contaminated load. The air we breathe consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of other gasses. Thanks to our technology we filter out the oxygen present in the air flushing pure nitrogen in the treatment room, thus reducing oxygen levels.

    Our treatments are 100% natural and certified by various organic programs such as the USDA-NOP, EU organic EU – Regulation EEC. No. 834/2007, Bio Suisse, Japanese JAS etc.

    Our technique is based under the principle of “no oxygen no live”, which means that all non-toxic treatments performed with Control Union Pest Management will eliminate insect adults, eggs and larvae. 100% guaranteed.

    Treatment times vary depending on the commodity, insect species, and product temperature. Since a commodity may be infested with more than one type of insect, the treatment parameters are set to eliminate the toughest insect within the product lot. We are happy to calculate an exact treatment parameter suitable for your load specific to your location.

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    The controlled atmosphere solutions are customizable to the customers production capacity and facility space. As products will be treated for a few days, it is recommended to consider having more than one unit to ensure the flow of goods is maintained.

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    Our systems include monitoring equipment that can show you the entire treatment parameters. If you require monitoring services, our team can support you by identifying any problems that may arise and notifying you promptly. Please see Monitoring Solutions for more information.

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