Controlled atmosphere (CA)

Goods that often get infected with pests may be best treated in airtight chambers. Controlled atmospheres are airtight chambers or containers that can get products such as nuts, corn, rice, cocoa, coffee, spices, dried fruit, seeds, legumes, tobacco, soya wheat and barley pest free—quickly and efficiently. This technique is approved by various organic schemes and is often applied in conventional supply chains as well due to increasing safety and cost considerations.

Controlled Atmosphere for Pest Management
    Clean and safe

    Go for non-toxic fumigation

    Controlled atmosphere fumigation is applied to control pests in dry commodities and food supplies and is extremely suitable for both preventive and curative treatments. This technique is based on the creation of a low-oxygen regime/content in a specially constructed gastight treatment chamber, container, or silo and can be applied for bulk cargo.

    No resistance

    Non-toxic; better for the planet

    The technique does not use any toxic gases and will therefore leave no residues on the products. Another positive aspect of this method is that the pest population cannot develop any resistance. Examples of products that can be treated:

    • Grain, rice, cocoa

    • Coffee, spices, nuts

    • Dried fruits, seeds, dried peas and beans

    • Tobacco, and soy Furniture

    • Works of art, and historical objects

    Foolproof and bioproof

    Controlled Atmosphere for Pest Management

    No residue

    No chemical residues left on product after treatment


    No toxic chemicals

    Safe for the environment


    No pest leftovers

    Eliminates 100% of insects in stored product


    No resistance

    No resistance in pest population


    No harm to workers

    No toxic chemicals or work restrictions

    What we often hear or read

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    The only variable cost per treatment to consider is the electricity required to run the system. The EcO2 controlled atmosphere chambers and containers are designed to be energy efficient by making them as gastight as possible.

    We simply reduce the oxygen level below 1.5% in an enclosed environment where the insect is. That does the job. No chemicals are required. It is 100% natural. The air we breathe consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of other gasses. Thanks to our EcO2 technology we filter out the oxygen present in the air flushing pure nitrogen in the treatment room. Therefore, we lower the oxygen levels down to 0.5%. No toxic chemicals are used.

    Yes. The EcO2 controlled atmosphere eliminates insects at all life stages including eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.

    Treatment times vary depending on the commodity, insect species, and product temperature. Since a commodity may be infested with more than one type of insect, the treatment parameters are set to eliminate the toughest insect within the product lot.

    The EcO2 controlled atmosphere solutions are customizable to the customers production capacity and facility space. As products will be treated for a few days, it is recommended to consider having more than one unit to ensure the flow of goods is maintained. Please contact us for further information on the system and how it could benefit your business.

    Our systems include monitoring equipment that can show you the entire treatment parameters. If you require monitoring services, our team can support you by identifying any problems that may arise and notifying you promptly. Please see Monitoring Solutions for more information.

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