Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is an effective solution for insect control in wooden packaging material (ISPM 15), warehouses, monumental buildings, factories and antiques, based on increased temperatures.

    What is the heat treatment technique?

    The Heat Treatment Technique is particularly applied to Wood Packaging Material used for export according to international regulations. Heat Treatment can be applied in special climate rooms or anywhere with a mobile installation. The treatment controls the temperature with a temperature range from 56 to 75°C (132 to 167°F), depending on the quarantine and pre-shipment regulations of the country concerned. The goods will be closely monitored as the temperature is increased slowly to protect the goods from damage. This treatment is applied to all kinds of wood and packaging material and is compliant with the ISPM No.15 guidelines.

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    Strenghts of this service

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    No chemicals used

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    State of the art equipment

    State of art equipment

    We have developed the world’s most advanced Heat Treatment Monitoring System. The system is a complete electronics + software solution, offering the following features and benefits:

    Our cutting-edge sensor electronics offers temperature measurements with an accuracy of less than 0.5°C. This precision is great for monitoring ambient and surface temperatures to correctly determine lethal levels during Heat treatment.

    Experience the wireless sensor technology, featuring robust mesh networking for extensive coverage. Designed to penetrate walls, ceilings, floors, machinery, and a variety of obstructions effortlessly.

    Take a look, even on remote sites

    Our cloud based software solution is accessible on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as through cloud services, enabling both on-site and remote monitoring of the heat treatment process. The platform is easy to use by design, making non-experts able to easily monitor the progress of heat treatments. Our solution guarantees results, with built-in functionality to confirm the successful conclusion of treatments, ensuring both energy cost and treatment duration are minimized for efficiency and savings.

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    Tailor made. Everytime

    You require heat treatment in secure containers, precise control in Controlled
    atmospheres, or even on-the-go solutions for helicopters, we’ve got your needs
    covered. Tailored to perfection, we ensure your goods meet global standards, no
    matter the challenge.


    Exporting to Australia and New Zealand?

    To protect Australia and New Zealand from the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), certain exports must be treated in their country of origin before importation. Control Union, offers expertise in heat treatment for insect control, including flexible daily BMSB treatments

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