Integrated pest management (IPM)

IPM stands for integrated pest management, a process that is vital to ensure the safety of food. A highly effective pest control method, IPM is prevention focused and uses the minimum quantity of biocides possible, which helps reduce the impact on the environment.


    Rodent control

    We work with you to inspect your location(s) for traces or the presence of rats and other vermin and any possible nesting sites or access points. Depending on your specific situation, we formulate a plan to ensure your business premises and procedures are completely pest proof.

    If necessary, we implement a range of measures, from providing general hygiene and prevention advice to installing traps, bait boxes, etc.

    We continue to inspect, monitor and report regularly and at a high level , always in accordance with the applicable IPM standards.

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    Control at your fingertips

    Control Union PAMS (Plantation Management System) provides you with insight into pest control and makes it easy for customers to demonstrate compliance with various quality standards. In the PAMS system, owners, quality managers , farmers and certification bodies can all find reports about inspections that have taken place. Reports from PAMS meet all BRC, Global Gap, FSSC 22000 and Tesco quality requirements.

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    Using Non-toxic Bait, safe for crops and the environment

    Control Union Pest Management firmly believes in the efficacy and ecological responsibility of using non-toxic pest control solutions. For this reason, we are proud to use Non-Toxic Rat Poison – Bait & Attractants. The use of it has multiple advantages:


    Non-toxic bait prioritizes the safety of humans, pets, and non-target wildlife. Eliminating the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals ensures peace of mind for homeowners, farmers, and pest control professionals alike.



    Traditional rodenticides can pose a threat to agricultural produce through contamination of crops and soil. Farmers can safeguard their harvests without compromising quality or marketability by opting for non-toxic bait.



    Non-toxic bait aligns with sustainable pest management practices, offering long-term solutions over short-term fixes. By targeting rodents effectively without relying on harmful substances


    Certified. For peace of mind

    We are certified by the Dutch Organization Keurmerk Plaagdier Management to perform integrated pest management in the Netherlands. This certification is awarded to companies that meet the system’s rigorous standards. Our commitment to these principles is validated by independent, accredited certifiers. This certification reflects our dedication to maintaining high standards in all our activities.

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    Arthur van Geest
    “Our greenhouse business covers a large area, which Control Union Pest Management has kept well under control for years. They have clearly explained to us the benefits of IPM (weeding and prevention before control), but also do not hesitate to intervene firmly if necessary.”
    Arthur van Geest, Van Geest Cucumbers – Tinte, the Netherlands
    Kees – Vrolijk ipm boer
    “Since 2017, Control Union Pest Management has been providing rodent control with us. The contract is clear and straightforward with no hidden costs. You can call Peter and his team at any time.”
    Kees Vrolijk, Vrolijk Landbouw, Fijnaart – the Netherlands
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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    We specialize in providing comprehensive pest management solutions, with a primary focus on rodent control. Our methods address issues related to mice and rats, ensuring a pest-free environment for both residential and commercial spaces.

    Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on chemical pesticides, our IPM approach emphasizes prevention, sanitation, habitat modification and targeted treatments. This minimizes the use of chemicals, promotes sustainability and reduces the risk of pesticide resistance.

    IPM offers numerous benefits, including reduced health risks, minimal environmental impact and effective, long-lasting pest control. By employing IPM strategies, we ensure a safer and healthier living and working environment for our customers in the Netherlands.

    We understand that each pest situation is unique. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to identify the root causes of infestations. Based on this assessment, we develop customized IPM plans that target the specific pests and factors contributing to the problem.

    Our rodent control services are designed to be comprehensive and highly effective. We combine proven methods such as exclusion, trapping and baiting, all while adhering to humane practices and minimizing any risks to non-target species.

    Yes, absolutely. Our IPM strategies prioritize the safety of people, pets and the environment. We use targeted treatments and eco-friendly solutions that minimize the impact on non-target species and surrounding ecosystems.

    Ongoing pest management programs provide continuous protection against pest reinfestations. Regular inspections and proactive measures ensure that pests are kept under control, reducing the need for reactive treatments and potential damage.

    Certainly. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. We offer educational resources, tips and guidelines to help clients prevent pest infestations and maintain a pest-free environment.

    Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us through our website or contact information. We’ll schedule a consultation to assess your pest management needs and develop a tailored plan that meets your requirements for effective and sustainable pest control. Your satisfaction and pest-free environment are our top priorities.

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