Vessel disinfection

Some agricultural commodities are a threat to infestation by insects or bacteria, such as Salmonella and cockroaches. These infestations are often detected during analyses conducted after the cargo has been loaded onto a vessel, or during discharge sampling. To ensure the safe handling of subsequent cargoes, the European Union (EU) and various industry schemes, including GMP+, require that a vessel or warehouse be disinfected before loading another parcel.

    Vessel disinfection

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    In a fast-pace, ever changing logistics environment you need a service provider that can be available at short notice and 24/7. We understand the shipping sector and possess the capacity to conduct the necessary treatments on board, on port terminals and offshore aided by an impressive assortment of cutting-edge machinery and knowledge.

    Cockroaches disinfection

    Cockroach infestations aboard sea-going vessels pose significant health and safety risks. These pests, including species such as the German, Oriental, or Brown-banded cockroach, threaten the wellbeing of crew members and can cause damage to electronic equipment. To manage these risks, comprehensive disinfection and pest control treatments are essential.

    Our approach to managing these infestations combines several effective actions:

    1. Application of Imidacloprid Residual Poison: this powerful agent is placed in all relevant locations throughout the vessel to ensure a broad and enduring impact against cockroaches.

    2. Placement of Food Pheromone Catch Traps: these traps are strategically placed in various locations to attract and capture cockroaches, reducing their population onboard.

    3. Use of K-Othrine Residual Spray: This spray is used in hard-to-reach places where cockroaches might hide, ensuring that even the most inaccessible areas are treated.


    In addition to these targeted actions, regular inspections are conducted to assess hygiene levelsaboard the vessel. This helps identify potential hotspots for infestations and ensures that all areas, especially those prone to cockroach activity such as the kitchen, mess rooms, and other common areas, are kept clean and free from pests.


    Salmonella disinfection

    To effectively combat Salmonella contamination, we offer comprehensive disinfection services tailored to meet the stringent requirements of various industry standards, including GMP+, FCA, and IDTF. Our approach to disinfection includes:

    • Warehouse Disinfection According to GMP+/FCA/IDTF Cleaning Schedule D: We thoroughly disinfect warehouses to prevent Salmonella contamination, adhering strictly to the cleaning protocols outlined in GMP+/FCA/IDTF Schedule D. This ensures that all areas are treated effectively, reducing the risk of contamination and helping to maintain a clean and safe environment.
    • Disinfection According to IDTF Cleaning Schedule M: For areas requiring more frequent or specialized attention, we perform disinfection according to IDTF Cleaning Schedule M. This schedule is designed to address specific areas that are at higher risk of Salmonella presence, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


    In the maritime industry aboard sea-going vessels, cockroach infestations pose significant health and safety risks for both crew members and electronic equipment. These unwelcome pests come in various species, such as the German, Oriental, or Brown-banded cockroach. Preventing and managing infestations is crucial.

    Sea-going vessels unwittingly provide an ideal habitat for these pests. With ample access to water, food, warmth and countless potential hiding spots, cockroaches thrive on board. Commonly found in the pantry, kitchen and mess rooms, they contaminate food and food preparation areas, potentially spreading harmful pathogens. Allergies and asthma can also be triggered by their allergens. Moreover, their presence can negatively impact crew morale and even cause electrical issues in control cabinets, computers, and digital instruments.

    Get rid of cockroaches

    Cockroach control on marine vessels can be exceptionally challenging due to the unique construction characteristics of these ships. While self-inspection is your initial line of defense, once signs of infestation appear, professional intervention becomes necessary.

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    Control Union is the leading certification organization in the world. We provide specific certificates for containers or shipments at the request of the customer including an internationally recognized certificate for treated cargo that is monitored by CUPM Monitoring Solutions.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    After salmonella has been found in a cargo, EU regulations and industry standards such as GMP+ require a disinfection treatment to be done, before loading a new parcel. Salmonella is a health risk, also for your crew, and can lead to further (health) risks.

    Control Union boat disinfection is specifically tailored to combat Salmonella. We utilize advanced techniques and industry-approved disinfectants to ensure thorough and effective sanitation, leaving no room for contamination in your boat / vessel

    We understand the strict regulations governing biosecurity and disease prevention. Our service aligns with these regulations, helping you maintain compliance and prevent potential legal issues.

    Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your vessel’s needs. We then apply targeted disinfectants, focusing on high-risk areas, cargo storage and crew quarters. Our methods are proven to eliminate Salmonella effectively.

    Absolutely. We recognize the diverse operational schedules of vessels. Our team works closely with you to develop a disinfection plan that minimizes disruption to your operations while ensuring optimal Salmonella prevention.

    Our team comprises experienced professionals well versed in biosecurity and disease prevention. We combine practical knowledge with the latest research to deliver a top-notch disinfection service.

    Yes, our service is adaptable to various vessel types, sizes and industries. Whether you operate cargo ships, fishing vessels or pleasure boats, our Salmonella-focused disinfection is tailored to your needs.

    By choosing our service, you’re investing in proactive Salmonella prevention. This not only safeguards your crew’s health but also protects your cargo and reputation. Preventing contamination leads to smoother operations and peace of mind.

    Absolutely. Upon completion of our disinfection process, we provide you with a Control Union certificate that documents the procedures performed. This documentation can be valuable for regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

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