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Are you looking for flexible, market-driven laboratory services analyzing a wide range of products in the field of foodstuffs, animal feed, compound feed and (bio) fuels?

We are not only highly experienced in chemical analysis, but also in microbiological analysis, real-time PCR and DNA analysis. Have your goods tested and analyzed quickly, objectively, safely and securely.

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We value a personal approach and contact. There is always a Control Union lab nearby to help you out. Our international high-end lab, TLR, is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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  • NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 accredited L059 [TLR]

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Fast comprehensive analysis of food, feed and fuel

Feed testing

Feed testing

Food testing

Food testing

Fuel testing

Fuel testing

Our vision

We strive to ensure and improve the quality and safety of animal feeds, foodstuffs and fuels through innovation, state-of-the-art instruments, well-equipped labs and highly trained staff. Providing fast and reliable results is our aim. At the same time, quality on all fronts is of central importance.

This means that we want to offer all of our customers the highest quality and a wide range of analyses. Each Control Union customer must always be provided with the best analytical results and shortest lead times. Rapid and reliable results are the guiding principles in everything we do.

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Rapid and reliable

We provide rapid testing, rapid reporting and reliable results that you can easily work with



We constantly look at the market, our clients’needs and the possibilities available. We seek innovation wherever possible.


Excellent staff

We value our international team of highly educated and trained staff. Our highly motivated chemists and support staff deliver the very best service


Quality and safety

We strive for the best quality in our work in a safe environment Safety always comes first.

What can we do for you?

Following rapid developments in the market for foodstuffs and animal feed which raised the level for food safety and quality, we evolved towards high-tech laboratory services and now operate 27 labs across the globe.

Our chemists can verify the nutritional value and composition of your food products in terms of moisture, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and ash. We also analyze food to identify micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

In order to maintain food quality during shelf life, we can establish the aerobic and anaerobic plate count and determine if any yeasts and molds are present. Using organoleptic assessment, we can also test for foreign materials, damaged grain and poisonous seeds.

Moreover, our portfolio includes DNA analyses such as PCR screening for GMO testing, allergen testing and baking performance parameters including Hagberg and Alveograph.

Fossil fuels and biofuels

We have specialized in fossil fuels and biofuels by offering an extensive range of analyses. From basic chemical testing to complex contamination analyses and CO2-calculation we can help sort out good from potential off-spec products.

Contaminants and additives

Our global network of laboratories offer a wide range of analytical expertise in the field of contaminants and additives. This includes natural contaminants such as mycotoxins, contamination that occurs during processing (PAHs and dioxins, acrylamide, trans fatty acids) and package-mediated migration. Evaluation of pesticides and antibiotics completes our analysis portfolio.

Our classic microbiological methods allow us to analyze plate count, yeasts and molds to test for bacteria such as salmonella, EHEC and E. Coli O157. On the molecular level, we provide GMO-analyses and bacteriological analyses such as E. coli (STEC EHEC) and Salmonella typing by DNA micro-arrays. We are also able to detect foodborne viruses, such as HAV (hepatitis) and the norovirus.

Where can we be of service to you?

Quality and service count!

Providing fast and reliable results underpinned by quality on all fronts is of central importance for your business. We operate a global network of laboratories, of which most are ISO 17025 accredited or approved and accredited by the following national and international organizations:

• FOSFA • QS – animal feeds • FEDIOL, QS – fruit and vegetables • NOFOTA • GMP+ • GAFTA • GlobalGAP • VERNOF • NEN

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TLR: International flagship laboratory

TLR is part of the Control Union network of laboratories. This network consists of independently operating companies that collectively have a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. Each of the affiliated companies has its own specialization in terms of inspection and certification. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful global partnership. Learn more about our state-of-the-art laboratory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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TLR office Rotterdam

‘How to prevent the caking of white sugar’

At the Geneva global Sugar and Biofuels Conference (April 2023), Tim Thys, Global Laboratory Manager of Control Union, gave a technical perspective on the caking of white sugar. As a sugar expert, Thys gave insights and solutions on how to predict and prevent the sugar ‘caking’ (hardening). His presentation can now be downloaded here.

download presentation – caking of white sugar
sugar caking

Our newest lab in Asia

Control Union has been present in Vietnam for over 20 years and has rapidly grown in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry. In 2023, Control Union opened its own ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Biomass Testing in Vietnam. The Biomass Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment giving the ability to conduct testing for all types of solid biofuels, meeting the stringent requirements of export markets. With well-trained lab technicians, our mission is to deliver the most accurate test results in the fastest time. Together with our inspection and certification experience, Control Union aims to be the TIC partner of choice in the biomass industry – Dr. Liem Nguyen

Working in the Vietnam CU Laboratory

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Working in the Vietnam CU Laboratory

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