Safe transfer baskets

Control Union, as a recognized Safe Transfer A/S (West-Marine A/S) approved service center with extensive experience, possesses the necessary expertise and specialized tools to conduct thorough inspection on and maintenance of your four- or eight-person safe transfer personnel baskets.

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Whether you require onshore or offshore/at-sea inspection and maintenance, Control Union is ready to assist you. We prioritize the safety and integrity of your personnel transfer baskets, and our global presence allows us to deliver our services efficiently and effectively to meet your needs.

  • With an extensive network of experts and strategic locations, we offer unparalleled support and services across the globe

  • Our experienced personnel are well equipped to perform meticulous inspections and provide maintenance solutions

  • We operate in compliance with industry regulations and international standards

Your safety is our business

In accordance with the ‘Safe Transfer’ guidelines, it is required to perform a visual inspection on the personnel transfer basket, lifting the sling and compensator every six months by a competent person to ensure its safety and compliance. Furthermore, specific components such as the compensator, top and bottom fenders, and the complete lifting set must be replaced by an approved service center. Replacement of these parts is essential to maintain the integrity and reliability of the safe transfer personnel basket. Every five years, a comprehensive load test and non-destructive testing (NDT) are also mandatory to ensure compliance with Safe Transfer approvals based on industry standards such as DNV-ST-0378 and EN 14502-1.

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We are extending our services to cover the entire industrial sector.



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