Administrative checks

Transaction certificates, invoice declarations, incoming and outgoing goods, mass balance, segregation, supplier assessments and internal assessments, all require administrative checks.

All over the world

Efficient and effective process

The organic, sustainability, safety and quality status of products are often proven by a certificate, invoice or statement, and Control Union Certifications has an efficient and effective process for helping in administrative checks around such matters.

With bases all over the world, Control Union Certifications is familiar with the particular administration requirements for the production and/or processing of products in your country and in the country of your suppliers.

EU Timber Regulation

Control Union Certifications is also recognised as a ‘Monitoring Organization’ by the European Commission, to support EU importers of wood in comply with the EU Timber Regulation.

EU Timber Regulation


All certification industries we work in

All certification industries

Aquaculture and fisheries

Plastics and packaging

Food safety

Organic agriculture

Biofuel and biomass




Good agricultural practice

Social compliance and safety




Quality management system


Related certification services

Control Union delivers quality inspections for asset owners globally, with local knowledge for uniform and consistent services. Efficient planning and clear reporting are key.

Ballast water systems

Ballast water systems

Control Union Certifications is a US Coast Guard-accepted Independent Laboratory (IL) for testing of BWMS in accordance with 46 CFR 162.060.
Due diligence

Due diligence

Several governments have implemented regulations, forcing importers to have a Due Diligence System (DDS) in place. Control Union Certifications has the knowledge and network to support companies with the implementation.
FSMA readiness

FSMA readiness

Control Union can assist your business in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
Reporting, tracking and tracing

Reporting, tracking and tracing

Control Union Certifications registers all relevant data during a certification process, including the name of employee involved as well as the process behind any decision that was made.
Sampling and sealing

Sampling and sealing

Control Union can take samples and securely seal them in such a way that they cannot become contaminated with other substances that could influence the results of any laboratory analysis.
Supply auditing

Supply auditing

Control Union Certifications has a large network of auditors around the world, who are familiar with the production/processing requirements in the country of origin.
Training and development

Training and development

Control Union Academy offers training, webinars, offline and online sessions to support you in your certification updates. Stay informed and up to date.
Agriculture farming

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