Representation port loading and discharge

In our Port Loading & Discharge services, we use our inspection and supervision expertise to support you in meeting contractual obligations or regulations.

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Strengths of this service

Our global team of professionals provide a number of services in port loading and discharge.

  • We perform visual inspection of cargo condition to ensure it meets contractual requirements

  • We monitoring loading and sampling operations conducted by third party surveyors, according to relevant standards (ISO/ASTM)

  • Upon request, we can collect, seal, dispatch, store analyse split samples of sub-lots or composite samples after loading

Representation port loading and discharge

We visually inspect the cargo at the stockpiles, barges or rail cars when the vessel has berthed at a terminal or quay, to identify any changes to the cargo, and verify that holds and hatches are clean and suitable for loading the intended cargo.

The initial and final draft readings are monitored co-jointly with the nominated marine surveyor. In addition to this, we ensure that all soundings are duly recorded and all measurements, soundings and calculations are performed properly.

Quality inspections

We inspect terminal facilities, including blending equipment (if applicable), magnetic separators, screening and cleaning units and sampling systems to verify that they are in proper working order.  A quality inspection of the loading process is monitored and we visually inspect the condition of the cargo to guard against loading of contaminants and general suitability for use by the client.

Additional services

Additional services which can be offered include a witnessed sample preparation and total moisture determination and a pre-shipment cargo inspection.

Industries we work in

We perform our inspection services in the following industries:




Biomass and biofuels

Coal, minerals and iron ore




(Precious) metals

Molasses and vegetable oils


Fly ash, lime, cement and sand

Waste and recycling

grain silo commodity inspections

How can we help you?

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