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    The need of alternative preferred materials

    Protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and livelihood of communities is pertinent to a thriving sustainable textile industry. All stages of a textile product from raw material to garment provides us with an opportunity to choose better methods and practices for the longevity of the industry.

    As consumers turn to the fashion industry for transparency on the products they purchase, brands, retailers, and manufacturers have began to shift towards a transformational journey in sustainable preferred material for a positive social and environmental impact. Brands in the textile industry set high ambitions to achieve working with 100% preferred materials as soon as possible.


    Traceability system

    We understand the pressure on the market to get access on alternative materials but we also believe that certified sustainable products contribute to strengthening conscious brands who contribute to a better world. That’s why we have been focusing on creating tailor-made certification programs that cover the need of alternative preferred materials. As traceability is a key topic, we created a traceability system (Connected) that will allow you to trace the alternative fibres in your supply chain so you can manage and control your supply chain in an effective and efficient way.

    Connected tool

    Connected is a global supply chain traceability service with a multi-stakeholder collaborative management that offers different solutions for any supply chain. Connected Certified provides it’s users with: transaction certificates in real time, traceability monitoring with details on material types, traceability analysis that allows brands to access data on organizations that are part of their supply chain. Want to know more about our Connected tool? Contact us now!

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    Binay Kumar Choudhury
    In a changing world, sustainability is our passion, offering better solutions for future generations. Sustainable textiles make a difference in improving our footprint. With our passionate team at Control Union, we provide realistic solutions through ethical, transparent supply chain innovations.
    Binay Kumar Choudhury, Chairman India
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    Bharat Tex

    Fiber groups

    During the Bharat Tex in Delhi, we focus on preferred and alternative raw materials for the textile value chain.



    GOTS, OCS, GRS, RCS, Regenagri, NICE, IVN Best,
    Other Natural Fibers(Jute, Hemp, Flax, etc)


    Regenagri, NICE, SFP, RHS

    Animal Fiber (Wool, Silk, etc)


    RWS, RAF, Regenagri

    Regenerated Cellulosics (Viscose, Modal, Lyocell, Acetate, Bamboo, etc) SRCCS
    Polyester & Polyamide GRS, RCS, CWP, OBP
    Plastic & Metals GRS, RCS, CWP, Recyclass, ISCC
    Leather Regenagri 


    Fakhrul Islam Khan
    Control Union is a respected pioneer in sustainable textiles and materials, renowned for their unwavering commitment to integrity. We steadfastly uphold the most stringent benchmarks for environmental and social accountability, championing a future characterized by eco-conscious and ethically sound industry practices.
    Fakhrul Islam Khan, Managing Director Control Union Bangladesh
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    How to get started

    Getting certified in 5 steps

    With more than a decade working with the textile industry, Control Union has partnered with many companies to meet their sustainability challenges head-on.

    Apply now for a textile certification

    Request a textile certification or verification

    Click on the ‘apply now’ link on the left to begin the application process for GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, CCS. For the RWS, RDS, RAS and RMS please contact us, and we can send you a separate application form to be filled and returned to us. The verification programs will include an application process.

    Receive the offer letter

    Once we have your application(s), we will provide you with an offer letter that will indicate the price and scope of your certification.

    Accept and get your audit plan

    Upon accepting and signing, we will contact you about setting up dates for your audit. Once an auditor is assigned to your audit, an agenda and audit plan will be sent to prepare for your audit. At the close of your audit, the auditor will indicate if any non-compliances have been found and agree to the deadlines of the corrective actions.

    Audit review

    Your audit results will be reviewed by a secondary person, called the certifier, who ultimately decides whether certification will be granted. If you had corrective actions to approach, these need to be sent in for the review process to begin.

    Get your Certification / Get your attestation or score that has been reported.

    Certifications If the results have been approved, you will be contacted to receive your certification. If the results were not satisfactory, you will need to submit your corrective actions within the agreed time frame or pause your certification until such time as you are ready. For verifications, if results are not satisfactory, you will be required to wait a period of time to begin the process again.

    Lonneke de Kort
    We’re here to secure trust and proof between global brands and preferred materials suppliers. To bring trust that fits the demands of consumers worldwide #makingvaluesfit
    Lonneke de Kort, Manager Sustainable Textiles & Materials EMEA
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    As a company specialized in certification and verification services, our team has a global perspective throughout the entire supply chain of this type of certification and local experience, being located in more than 80 countries. We help brands, retailers, and manufacturers to realize their sustainability goals and to consistently meet consumer demands and gain speed to market.

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    Nice Cotton
    Robert Demianew
    Control Union believes that trust and integrity are paramount to the textile industry’s ability to publicly promote its positive change. This means consumers are increasingly demanding that any product purchase be underwritten with a verifiable claim. Control Union provides the assurance that brands and consumers can trust.
    Robert Demianew, President Control Union USA
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    Do you have any questions, are you looking for a certain service or do you want to apply for a textile certification program? Contact us now so we can help you!