The textile industry has historically been associated with environmentally harmful processing, animal welfare issues, and complex social compliance issues such as child labor, workers’ wages, benefits, fast fashion, as well as health and safety. The demand for certified, sustainable products is growing not only amongst consumers but also by politicians and the industry itself.

    Organic, recycled or sustainable material

    Public awareness and the demand for traceability have increased, and many global brands already have a dedicated fashion collection made from certified sustainable content derived from organic, recycled or sustainable material.

    Textile industry

    Control Union, has played a key role in helping the textile industry meet sustainability standards. We have developed the EKO Sustainable Textile Standard, the first standard for the textile industry that addresses sustainability. Control Union also played an active role in creating the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Global brands are increasing their use of sustainable materials due to an increase in public awareness and demand for traceability.

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    How to get started

    Getting certified in 5 steps

    With more than a decade working with the textile industry, Control Union has partnered with many companies to meet their sustainability challenges head-on.

    Apply now for a textile certification

    Request a textile certification or verification

    Click on the ‘apply now’ link on the left to begin the application process for GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, CCS. For the RWS, RDS, RAS and RMS please contact us, and we can send you a separate application form to be filled and returned to us. The verification programs will include an application process.

    Receive the offer letter

    Once we have your application(s), we will provide you with an offer letter that will indicate the price and scope of your certification.

    Accept and get your audit plan

    Upon accepting and signing, we will contact you about setting up dates for your audit. Once an auditor is assigned to your audit, an agenda and audit plan will be sent to prepare for your audit. At the close of your audit, the auditor will indicate if any non-compliances have been found and agree to the deadlines of the corrective actions.

    Audit review

    Your audit results will be reviewed by a secondary person, called the certifier, who ultimately decides whether certification will be granted. If you had corrective actions to approach, these need to be sent in for the review process to begin.

    Get your Certification / Get your attestation or score that has been reported.

    Certifications If the results have been approved, you will be contacted to receive your certification. If the results were not satisfactory, you will need to submit your corrective actions within the agreed time frame or pause your certification until such time as you are ready. For verifications, if results are not satisfactory, you will be required to wait a period of time to begin the process again.


    In case you have any other questions, you can reach out to us via the contact block below on this page.

    The process will vary depending on several factors, these include how many sites and products will need to be included in your audit (called the scope), how long it takes you to close (if any) non-compliances, and the availability of auditor(s). However, to provide some idea it can be range from 3 to 4 months.

    Certificates have a validity of one year and can be easily renewed. If there are any changes to your scope during the year, you need to notify your local office so that they can determine whether an additional assessment is needed. Your local office will contact you in the months prior to your next audit to ask if there are any changes to your audit scope.

    Yes, once you are certified and have received your certificate, you will have access to request transaction certificates. You will have an online account which will enable you to request transaction certificates.

    The price will be determined by the local office in your region/country. This is determined by what is included in your audit, i.e.: number of sites and processes.

    Yes, there are fees associated with requesting a TC. The fees will vary by region/country. Please note that the issuance of TCs will take several days. Your local office can assist you as to the timing of issuance.

    Yes, you can make changes to your certification however you need to inform your local office before any new sites, processes or products are added. The local office will determine if an additional assessment (desk review or on-site audit) is needed. Costs will be incurred to make changes to your certificate.

    Our certification services

    Control Union delivers quality inspections for asset owners globally, with local knowledge for uniform and consistent services. Efficient planning and clear reporting are key.

    Administrative checks

    Administrative checks

    Transaction certificates, invoice declarations, incoming and outgoing goods, mass balance, segregation, supplier assessments and internal assessments, all require administrative checks.
    Ballast water systems

    Ballast water systems

    Control Union Certifications is a US Coast Guard-accepted Independent Laboratory (IL) for testing of BWMS in accordance with 46 CFR 162.060.
    Due diligence

    Due diligence

    Several governments have implemented regulations, forcing importers to have a Due Diligence System (DDS) in place. Control Union Certifications has the knowledge and network to support companies with the implementation.
    FSMA readiness

    FSMA readiness

    Control Union can assist your business in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
    Reporting, tracking and tracing

    Reporting, tracking and tracing

    Control Union Certifications registers all relevant data during a certification process, including the name of employee involved as well as the process behind any decision that was made.
    Sampling and sealing

    Sampling and sealing

    Control Union can take samples and securely seal them in such a way that they cannot become contaminated with other substances that could influence the results of any laboratory analysis.
    Supply auditing

    Supply auditing

    Control Union Certifications has a large network of auditors around the world, who are familiar with the production/processing requirements in the country of origin.
    Training and development

    Training and development

    Control Union Academy offers training, webinars, offline and online sessions to support you in your certification updates. Stay informed and up to date.
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    How can we help you?

    Do you have any questions, are you looking for a certain service or do you want to apply for a textile certification program? Contact us now so we can help you!