Load compartment inspections

Our load compartment inspections (LCI) or hold cleanliness inspections are performed by experienced and qualified surveyors who are familiar with the relevant rules and regulations (GMP+).

Strengths of this service

We use our inspection and supervision expertise to support our clients in meeting contractual obligations or regulations. With a global presence in more than 80 countries, we offer customers an unparalleled perspective to ensure sustainable added value.

  • Thorough sampling and analysis tasks performed according to internationally recognized standards such as GMP+, ISO, EFMA, CEN, and IFIA

  • Identification of risks and problems related to loading, discharge, and trans-shipment

  • Precise inspection of vessels, barges, coaster holds, bulk/tank trucks and warehouses to ensure cleanliness, dryness and absence of debris from previous cargoes

  • Standard procedure includes checking and evaluating previously carried cargoes

  • Provision of acceptance or rejection of holds based on inspection results

We check and judge the previously carried cargoes and provide either acceptance or rejection of the holds

Industries we work in

We perform our inspection services in the following industries:




Biomass and biofuels

Coal, minerals and iron ore




(Precious) metals

Molasses and vegetable oils


Fly ash, lime, cement and sand

Waste and recycling

grain silo commodity inspections

How can we help you?

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